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We offer an unmatched array of independent development, maintenance & test capabilities deployable in flexible and agile rendition models suiting your business, IT and procurement imperatives. Emphasizing process and product quality, we provide the full spectrum of assurance services across the test value cycle.

We make product development as easy for you as possible as we build a comprehensive technical vision based on your industry-driven concept and deliver a functional solution that reflects your product idea. ScienceSoft provides full-fledged outsourced product development and ensures mature processes on all of the above image stages:

By managing agile processes and adhering to DevOps principles, where applicable, BWC’s team quickly and safely develops products and delivers its new versions. We always keep to the planned schedule without deadline pressure and guarantee short time to market. Apt in risk management, we strive to minimize all possible challenges, but are also capable of addressing such situations as schedule compression or pivotal requirement changes with no negative impact on the product.

Business Analysis

Our business analysts work with both high-level and elaborate requirements. If you don’t have a detailed specification yet, our BAs discuss the general concept of your product with you and help you to understand, plan out and prioritize its features. ScienceSoft’s business analysis always results in a clean-cut, shared vision of the software functionality explicitly reflected in technical documentation.


At BWC, we consider UI/UX design to play a crucial role not only in overall usability but also in:

  • Improving upselling.
  • Diversifying subscription options.
  • Enhancing retention.
  • Raising the number of converted new users.

We achieve these benefits due to understanding user needs and application value from user perspective via the following approaches:

  • In-depth UX research.
  • Detailed user behavior analytics.
  • UI layout optimization and conversion/retention driven design.
  • The use of A/B testing and other fact-based methods in practical UI/UX experiments.

Architecture design

BWC puts great emphasis on software architecture because it defines reliabilitymaintainability, and performance of any application as well as provides for product evolution. We make sure to devise the architecture that fits your product requirements and enables the most convenient way of integration with other software products. Some of the architecture types we implement are:

  • Microservices
  • Reactive architecture
  • 3-Tier architecture
  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Quality Assurance

Our comprehensive approach to quality assurance comprises not just testing activities but a whole range of practices that ensure orderliness and accuracy of all internal processes throughout development. These practices include:

  • Definition of Service Level Objectives (SLO).
  • Choice of architecture design.
  • Regular code reviews.
  • Test planning.
  • Software quality analysis.

BWC makes it a priority to deliver faultless, high-performing software products. From the project launch onward, we implement all types of software testing, maintaining a balanced mix of manual and automated methods. We perform:

  • Structural and exploratory testing.
  • Regression testing and testing of new functionality.
  • Functional, performance, and usability testing.
  • Integration testing.
  • Release testing (for every iteration in case of iterative development).

Thanks to our QA efforts, we manage to achieve the following software quality goals:

  • Absence of functional errors.
  • High-quality architecture, allowing easier maintenance and evolution.
  • High application availability and fast response time.
  • High UX quality.


We factor in integration from the earliest project development stages on and set up a CI/CD pipeline in order to reveal and minimize risks related to future integration of your products with other systems. Our team builds effective cooperation with third parties responsible for the systems your software needs to be brought together with and guarantees successful integration.

Product Evolution

BWC has cultivated a proper balance between rapidly evolving software and preserving its functional stability. We make change and growth an integral part of software development, ensuring quality on all stages of the software product development life cycle. With each new release, your software gains both necessary upgrades for the existing functionality and new features.